Ankle Pain Treatment

Suffering from ankle pain? Don’t worry, heal your affected ankle fully with physiotherapy treatment

Have you ever suffered from ankle pain? If you have then you don’t know the kind of pain a person goes through. Ankle pain refers to the pain and discomfort in the ankles. Ankle pain is basically caused by a sprain. It’s an injury that originates in the ligaments. Sometimes, ankle pain can also be caused by underlying medical conditions. A sprained ankle often remains swollen and bruises for about 7 to 14 days. In some cases, it may take more than a month to heal a severely injured ankle.

What causes ankle pain?

  • 1.) An injury
  • 2.) Infection in the joint
  • 3.) Arthritis
  • 4.) Lupus
  • 5.) Sprain

Caring for ankle pain at home
For home treatment, the RICE method is recommended. The method includes-

  • Rest- Avoid applying pressure on the affected ankle and take rest as much as you can.

  • Ice- To ease the pain, put a bag of ice on the affected area for at least 20 minutes. Repeat this 3 to 5 times daily until you feel better. This method is effective for reducing swelling and numb pain.

  • Compression- Cover your ankle with a bandage. But don’t wrap the bandage too tightly.

  • Elevation- If possible, keep your ankle on a stack of pillows or a support system with soft components.

Ankle pain treatment options

Whatever the health condition is; it’s extremely important to seek medical attention. Likewise, people with ankle pain should consult a certified practitioner if the symptoms appear to progress over time. The specialist will give proper treatment after examining the ankle properly.

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