Hand Pain Treatment

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Will you be able to perform any task properly if you suffer from hand pain? No, it’s almost impossible to perform a task without using the hands. The hands are important structures of the human body. We need to use our hands for every task. The muscles and joints in the hands are used for movements. Hence, they are quite vulnerable to injury.

Hand pain can originate in different parts of the hand structures. When hand pain symptoms appear, we usually feel pain in the structures like

  • 1.) The bones
  • 2.) The joints
  • 3.) The connective tissues
  • 4.) The nerves
  • 5.) The tendons

Main factors hand pain stem from are

Hand pain can be caused by different factors such as a disease, side effects of on-going medications or injury affecting the structures in the hand. If any of the structures- bones, muscles, joints, connective tissues, etc are affected hand pain can occur.

  • 1.) Nerve damage
  • 2.) Sprains and fractures in the hands
  • 3.) Inflammation
  • 4.) Old injury
  • 5.) Underlying health conditions

Hand pain treatment with physiotherapy

Hand pain and injury is a common complaint that can affect anyone. But it can be easily treated with early diagnosis and treatment. Yes, a physiotherapist can successfully treat your hand pain. The specialists let the patients engage in some hand exercises that are effective in improving hand mobility. Moreover, a physiotherapist guides the patient throughout the sessions so that the patient performs the exercises in the proper manner.

However, physiotherapy is effective when performed by a certified and experienced practitioner. Thus, it’s important that you consult an experienced physiotherapist near you. Do your research and visit a clinic that seems reliable to you.

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