Neck Pain Treatment

Get rid of neck pain with physical therapy

Would you be able to move your neck freely if you have a problem with the neck? The answer would be; no. The neck is connected to the bones, ligaments, and muscles. All these components allow your neck to support the head and allow motion as well. So, you won’t be able to move your neck freely if you start experiencing neck pain.

What causes neck pain?

Neck pain is a common health condition that’s caused by different factors. The common causes of neck pain are-

  • 1.) Poor posture or overuse
  • 2.) Injury
  • 3.) Muscle tension & strain
  • 4.) Arthritis
  • 5.) Congenital abnormalities
  • 6.) Infections
  • 7.) Meningitis
  • 8.) Heart attack

When to seek a doctor’s help?

Basically, neck pain is not a serious problem. But seeking medical care is important if the neck pain is accompanied by other problems like numbness, headache, weakness, etc. Seek medical attention if-

  • 1.) The problem becomes more severe
  • 2.) You start to feel weakness
  • 3.) You have a headache due to the neck pain
  • 4.) Vomiting feeling
  • 5.) Nausea
  • 6.) Swollen glands
  • 7.) Fever
  • 8.) Trouble in breathing or swallowing
  • 9.) Trouble in breathing or swallowing
  • 10.) Inability to move your hands properly
  • 11.) Bowel dysfunction

Treatments available for neck pain

Although different kinds of treatments are available for neck pain, physical therapy and acupuncture have proven extremely beneficial. These therapies are totally natural and do not require using heavy does medicines to ease the pain.

Physical therapy

The physical therapy is the process of guiding the patient with correct postures, neck-strengthening exercise, and other measures to ease the pain. The techniques used by physiotherapists not only help in reducing the pain but also help in preventing further recurrence.


This treatment involves using thin needles. The specialist will insert thin needles into various parts of the patient’s body. The insertion of needles works by easing the pain in the neck area and other areas as well. Acupuncture is considered safe when performed by a certified & experienced specialist. Thus, make sure to consult an experienced practitioner.

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