Shoulder Pain Treatment

Say goodbye to your shoulder pain with physicaltherapy

The shoulder is one of the largest and complex joints that make the human bodies complete. Apparently, the shoulder has three main bones- the humerus, the clavicle, and the scapula. The functions of the shoulders are much more than you know. In fact, when one of the shoulders gets injured or pain-related symptoms appear, it hampers the ability to move easily. And it can cause a great deal of discomfort to the body and brain as well.

What causes Shoulder Pain?

Shoulder pain is a health issue that should be treated as soon as the symptoms show up. There many factors that can cause shoulder pain. Some of the common causes of shoulder pain are:

  • 1.) Frozen shoulder
  • 2.) Arthritis
  • 3.) Tendons
  • 4.) Broken shoulder
  • 5.) Spinal cord injury
  • 6.) Injury
  • 7.) Heart attack
  • 8.) Muscle strain

When to consult a doctor?

It’s important to consult a specialist if the pain becomes serious. Patients with shoulder pain are required to undergo treatment along with home remedies. Consider consulting a doctor if you have conditions like

  • 1.) If the pain doesn’t seem to reduce with medication
  • 2.) If you are unable to move your shoulders freely
  • 3.) If the shoulder becomes excessively weak
  • 4.) If you feel major pain in the shoulder

Shoulder pain treatment through physiotherapy

One of the best therapies for shoulder pain is physiotherapy. Although there are many treatments available for shoulder pain, most patients prefer physiotherapy. It’s because physiotherapy is effective and convenient for people of all ages.

What is physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is a treatment that’s practised to restore, maintain, and enhance the mobility function of the patients. This special treatment helps in preventing further injury and promotes health-growth and & fitness. There are different approaches to physiotherapy treatment that are practised by specialists all over the world. A particular technique is used, considering the condition of the patient.

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